3 Ways to Enjoy Your Backyard with Synthetic Grass

April 21, 2020

Being stuck at home for days on end will likely make you want to escape outside for some fresh air more often than usual. Luckily, there are many ways that you can have fun in your own backyard when you have synthetic grass landscaping. From family play time to relaxing in the sunshine, the possibilities are virtually endless when you choose Synthetic Grass Warehouse.

  1. Create a Playground for the Kids

One way to get the kids engaged and exercising is to create a jungle gym or play area on your lawn. Our IPEMA-certified artificial grass play systems are the perfect solution for backyard fun that’s worry-free. Our playground systems are installed with an eco-friendly foam padding underlayer that absorbs shock and prevents impact injuries from falls up to 10 feet high. The turf’s non-abrasive surface also protects from scrapes and scratches, while our antimicrobial infill products keep everything clean and sanitary. Enjoy outdoor time with your little ones without having to worry about the usual grass stains and boo-boos with safe and convenient artificial grass.

  1. Play with the Pups

Another great way to get in some exercise is to play with your pets! Chasing your dogs around the backyard and allowing them to run free will make you both feel happier and more relaxed while staying at home. Our innovative pet turf products are ultra-durable and evergreen, so you’ll never have to worry about brown spots or muddy holes ever again. It’s also 100% non-toxic and pet-friendly. Your furry friends will love it just as much as natural grass, and you’ll love it even more.

  1. Improve Your Short Game

If you’re looking for a relaxing way to enjoy the comfort of your own backyard, consider installing an artificial grass putting green. Our putting green turf products suit any terrain or play level, whether you’re a professional looking to practice or just putting around for fun. Putting greens can be customized to any size or shape, so no backyard is too small or awkwardly-shaped for putting. If you want to enjoy some relaxing family fun or improve your short game from home, consider an artificial grass putting green from SGW.

You can create endless fun with an artificial grass lawn, from family water fights to lawn chess, bocce ball, and more! Whatever you dream of, achieve it with Synthetic Grass Warehouse turf products. You can have more fun than ever before while staying at home and being safe.

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