Army Sergeant Receives Turf For New Home

August 4, 2016

On November 8, 2003, Army Sergeant Mary Herrera of the 855th Military Police Company of the Arizona National Guard was on a trainee transportation mission to Abu Ghraib Prison near Ramadi, Iraq when her platoon had been ambushed by rifle fire, mines, and rocket-propelled grenades. Herrera had maintained control of her weapon during the ambush, helping to secure the safety of her group. It wasn’t until after entering a safe area did Herrera notice a loss of sensation in her right arm. Two AK-47 rounds had broken two bones in her forearm and punctured her bicep.

Herrera was transferred to the Brooke Army Medical Center in Fort Sam Houston TX where she was given numerous surgeries, skin grafts, and physical therapy. Herrera was able to keep her arm and received the Purple Heart for her wounds as a result of enemy and hostile action.

Herrera’s incredible story has helped pass the Mary Herrera Bill in Arizona. The bill authorizes tuition waiver scholarships for National Guardsmen and women who have received the Purple Heart or had been medically discharged due to injuries from serving in the military after 9/11.

When Building Homes for Heroes requested our assistance for the landscaping of US Army Sergeant Mary Herrera’s home in Tucson, AZ, we gave them whatever they needed.

It was an honor to work with Building Homes for Heroes in their support for Sgt. Herrera.

Thank you Sgt. Mary Herrera for your service, we hope you and your daughter enjoy your new artificial grass.

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