How to Care for Your Artificial Turf in the Spring

March 18, 2021

For many of us around the country, the rain and snow are finally letting up and giving way to much-needed sunshine. As the weather warms and the sun spends more hours per day in the sky, you’ll likely be enjoying your backyard more and more. But, before you fully indulge in springtime fun, you’ll need to give your artificial grass lawn some TLC to help it recover from the harsh winter weather and be ready for your family to enjoy. Here are some key ways that you can care for your turf this spring to extend its lifespan and keep it in its best shape.

Check your lawn for winter weather damage
Winters just about everywhere are infamous for their less-than-ideal weather. From snowstorms to heavy winds, the winter months bring with them all kinds of weather conditions that can damage your home’s landscaping. As spring comes around and the snow finally melts, check your artificial grass for any signs of wear or visible damage. Check for loose seams, lifted edges, broken blades, or sagging surfaces. Although a professionally-installed synthetic turf lawn won’t be easily damaged by weather, some issues can arise on occasion after a particularly bad season. If you do spot any damage, don’t worry; it is very easy to repair small patches of synthetic turf without having to replace the entire lawn.

Re-bloom your turf blades
Once you’ve determined that your artificial grass is unscathed, you’ll need to help bring it back to its full potential. Snow, ice, and debris from heavy wind can weigh down your lawn and cause your turf blades to become matted over weeks or months. To help your blades stand upright again, use a broom with synthetic blades to brush the turf against the grain. This technique, known as cross-brushing, will rejuvenate the look of your lawn and help it appear full and lush once more. Any rake or broom will do, but avoid metal prongs which may damage the turf fibers. If you want to ensure you’re keeping your lawn safe, some retailers offer turf combs created specifically for artificial grass lawns.

Get a professional turf cleaning
If your lawn needs a major pick-me-up going into spring—or if you merely don’t have the time to clean up your lawn yourself—you can schedule a professional artificial grass cleaning service for your home or business. Companies like TurFresh offer comprehensive cleaning plans that cover everything from re-blooming turf blades to topping up infill and improving drainage. TurFresh is especially useful for pet owners, as a professional service can ensure that all pet hair, waste, and odor is fully removed. TurFresh even offers their own proprietary turf deodorizer and infill products which are non-toxic and 100% safe for kids and pets.

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