How To Protect Your Artificial Grass Lawn During the Winter

November 30, 2023

Rather than spending all year caring for a pristine lawn only for it to die with the first freeze of winter, many homeowners and business owners have elected to make the switch to artificial grass. No matter the weather, you can rest assured that your lawn will maintain its perfect appearance. No need to worry about hail, sleet, or snow harming your artificial turf installation, but our maintenance tips will help ensure that your lawn is ready for sunny days as soon as the last snowfall melts and spring is here once again.

Remove Snow

If your artificial turf has a light dusting of snow, it is best to let this melt naturally and drain through your turf system. However, if your yard has become a winter wonderland, you will want to gently remove snow from the synthetic turf to avoid the turf blades from becoming brittle due to layers of compacted ice settling within your artificial turf. We recommend using a plastic shovel to remove large quantities of snow and brushing your artificial grass with a plastic rake once warmer weather returns to help the blades return to their upright position.

Avoid Salt or Chemicals to Melt Snow

While salt and anti-freeze products are excellent tools to aid in melting snow, we do not recommend their use on a synthetic turf system, as the drainage system and overall turf can be compromised with these products. Chemicals can cause damage to your turf, and the salt will clog the backing, resulting in diminished drainage and a large mess to clean up in the spring. It is best to allow the snow to melt naturally and allow your artificial turf to drain as designed for your turf’s longevity.

Tread Lightly When Icy

While synthetic turf is known for its durability, extended exposure to ice can cause the turf blades to become brittle over time. To avoid any blade breakage, we recommend allowing your turf system to thaw prior to using your artificial turf normally again.

Regardless of whether your winters are warm and sunny or rival the North Pole, Synthetic Grass Warehouse has the best artificial turf products available for any property. From backyard turf installations to putting greens and everything in between, you can rest assured that your property will be the envy of the neighborhood. Give us a call today or contact us online to learn more about our products!

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