Important Factors You Need To Know Before Installing Rooftop Artificial Turf

May 24, 2023

Installing rooftop artificial turf is an increasingly popular way to make use of otherwise-neglected roof space. Rooftop turf is a beautiful, functional, and low-maintenance solution to add green space to an urban area, providing a place for relaxing, gardening, or entertaining that doesn’t require additional square footage.

However, while the concept of rooftop turf is appealing, there are several important factors to consider before making the investment. To ensure that your rooftop space stays safe and comfortable for you and your guests to enjoy, keep these four key tips in mind before installing wholesale artificial turf on your rooftop.

Check for Roof Damage

Before investing in rooftop turf grass, check for existing roof damage. If your roof is already showing signs of wear — such as visible cracks, water stains, or rotting surfaces — then you should address these issues before installing wholesale turf.

Synthetic grass doesn’t provide any additional insulation or protection to your roof, so if you install synthetic grass on damaged surfaces, the damage could affect the structural integrity of your installation and worsen over time. It also becomes more difficult to access any damage and repair it once the synthetic turf is installed, resulting in higher costs and more hassle.

Keep Sunlight Magnification in Mind

When installing artificial grass on your rooftop, keep in mind that roof turf will be exposed to direct sunlight much more than ground-level turf. This is especially true in locations that experience high temperatures in the summer months. The sun’s rays will be magnified when reflected off of the turf, and this could cause the surface temperature to become uncomfortably hot.

To mitigate this problem, install your rooftop turf in shaded areas, if possible, or consider installing a shade structure to help reduce the direct sunlight. You can also install SGW artificial turf products that contain TigerCool technology. TigerCool synthetic turf contains heat-reflective pigments that keep surface temperatures up to 15 percent cooler than other artificial grass products. All SGW turf is also manufactured with UV inhibitors that preserve colorfastness even with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Strategize Door Placement

One of the most oft-forgotten aspects of rooftop turf installation is door placement. Before installing your wholesale turf, make sure that you keep in mind whether your doors open inward or outward and whether the addition of synthetic turf will hinder the door opening properly.

If the door can’t easily open and close after your turf installation, trim the grass to a shorter height so the door can open unimpeded. If you haven’t yet installed your turf grass, make sure to purchase grass that is one inch shorter than the clearance of the bottom of the door. A one-inch gap should allow your door to open easily, preventing a potential safety hazard.

Verify Your Drainage Needs

One of the most important aspects of synthetic grass installation — especially on rooftops — is drainage. Without adequate drainage, water can pool on the surface of your turf, causing structural damage that, in time, can leak into the building below. To prevent this, verifying your drainage needs before installation is paramount.

AirDrain is the preferred drainage system for Synthetic Grass Warehouse artificial grass products. The patented geocell drainage grid design provides unparalleled efficiency in turf drainage rates, making it a safe and efficient system for residential or commercial rooftop applications.

AirDrain works by elevating the synthetic turf, creating a one-inch, 92 percent air void underneath the turf that allows air to circulate and water to pass through rapidly. It’s made from 100 percent recycled copolymer, so it can withstand even the most extreme temperatures without sacrificing performance — a necessity when dealing with the direct sunlight of a rooftop deck.

If you need guidance in choosing the right artificial turf installation accessories, speak to your installer or contact your local Synthetic Grass Warehouse location today. We can help you find the perfect synthetic grass products, including drainage, for your home or business. Synthetic Grass Warehouse has been an industry leader for more than 20 years, helping distributors, installers and homeowners alike with all their artificial grass installation needs. To find out more about artificial grass wholesale or to receive guidance with your next turf grass installation, contact your local Synthetic Grass Warehouse facility today.


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