Install of the Month: Ecoturf, Inc.

August 21, 2018

Synthetic Grass Creates a Personal Oasis for Homeowners

Southern California is notorious for being in drought conditions, causing many grass lawns to go brown due to recent water restrictions. Many homeowners have made the switch to drought tolerant landscaping to keep an aesthetically pleasing property without the cost of maintenance or water. From large to small properties, homeowners are finding their own personal oasis with artificial grass installations.

Ecoturf, Inc. recently installed 25,000 square feet of Everglade Fescue Light and Multiplay Sport in this spacious backyard. Both products offer a drainage rate of 30+ inches of rain per hour per square yard and has a dual coloring of field green and olive green. The products look and feel like natural grass.

The homeowners of the featured backyard wanted a drip system landscaping in their large front and backyard that is low-maintenance and would save them money long term. Initially, they had a turf installation on their property already, however the previous installation was made from recycled turf and did not compliment their home well. The homeowners were referred to Ecoturf, who removed the original artificial grass, designed the new yard, and installed the new synthetic turf products.

After the removal of the original turf and excavating 50 tons of dirt, the installation was split into two stages–the front yard and the sports field in the backyard. Westin Brousseau, the owner of Ecoturf, Inc. found this project to be a challenging yet satisfying project. “The biggest challenge was stretching the turf in long sections and making sure there were no dips where there were hills. We had to make sure it was all leveled out,” he told us. Brousseau and his team worked diligently to make the large front yard artificial grass installation look seamless, natural, and complementary to the existing landscape.

The second stage was making a sports field for their children who are active soccer players at their high school and college. A retaining wall was built to bring up the elevation 10 feet to combat the hilly landscape. All of their hard work paid off. “The turf really works well with our lifestyle,” the homeowners said. “We now have a place for both us, our kids, and our friends.”

Ecoturf, Inc. takes pride in designing and installing low-maintenance, water-wise landscape, including artificial turf, all over Southern California. Brousseau wanted his company to be involved with the whole process of landscaping for a client and provide clients a full plan of what they’ll be doing. “Ecoturf takes on the whole project–designing, installing, and planting,” says Brousseau. “Everyone on the team enjoys what they do, beautifying and making spaces more functional for people.”

The company started in 2017 and offer full yard services including but not limited to artificial grass installations, landscape and planting, lighting, as well as irrigation. Westin Brousseau has over 10 years of experience in the landscape construction industry and leads his company to have outstanding customer service and communication for their clients.

Ecoturf, Inc. is Synthetic Grass Warehouse Install of the Month winner for August 2018.

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