Install of the Month: USA Turf Guy

March 9, 2018

Whether it’s going to work, cooking, cleaning, or driving the kids around, there’s a lot to accomplish in a day that prevents homeowners from taking care of their lawns.

USA Turf Guy recently converted a natural grass lawn to artificial grass for a Phoenix resident, using 2,580 square feet of TigerTurf Everglade Spring for the front yard and an additional 4,400 square feet for the backyard. Everglade Spring artificial grass is a soft, moderate weight artificial grass that is a popular choice for homeowners, and showcases both field and lime green grass blades, in addition to a brown thatch layer mounted on a strong backing. Armed with the latest tuft bind technology, this artificial grass can handle moderate amounts of foot traffic because each grass blade is triple reinforced into the perforated backing.

“This family had not had much luck with their natural grass,” Clay Busby, owner of USA Turf Guy told us. “Both homeowners work and enjoy traveling so they are out of town often. They figured turf would be the next best option so no one would need to worry about watering, mowing, or landscapers.” Like any home, this installation had its own set of challenges. “We worked hard to accommodate the trees in the yard as well as adding spotlights to all five trees on the lot,” Busby said.

USA Turf Guy has been in business for over 5 years now. He focuses on educating homeowners about how artificial grass can benefit them and why they should stick with American made products.”We’re a veteran owned and operated business and we have replaced numerous yards where the imported products have failed to hold up over the years so we only deal with American made,” Busby says. “With the technology and the realism of American made turf, I find that homeowners really see the difference and understand how it can complement their busy lifestyle.”

Busby likes to work directly with his clients to give that extra bit of attention, and makes sure every install is done like his own yard. “This is more of a passion than a job and I want to make sure every one of my customers knows that I stand by our products and our work,” Busby said.

USA Turf Guy is Synthetic Grass Warehouse Install of the Month winner for March 2018.

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