Product Spotlight: Diamond Pro Spring

July 18, 2017

If you’re looking for a beautiful and sturdy turf that looks exquisitely realistic, Diamond Pro Spring is the perfect choice! With vibrant lime and field green yarn combinations complemented with a brown thatch, Diamond Pro Spring blends in beautifully with any natural surrounding environment. With a face weight of 75 ounces and pile height of 1 7/8”, this artificial turf is ideal for any moderate or heavy foot traffic. It’s great for kids and pets to play and run around on without the worry of ruining your lawn!

Diamond Pro Spring has an exceptional drainage rate of about 30+ inches of rain per square yard per hour. Say goodbye to messy puddles and muddy shoe or paw prints all over the house. As one of the best turf lines in our inventory, Diamond Pro Spring will provide you with a gorgeous and long-lasting lawn that needs minimal maintenance. No more releasing harmful toxins into the air or wasting away water by mowing and using irrigation systems. Switching to an artificial grass lawn allows you to save time, money and water!

At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, all our turf products are backed up by a 15-year warranty. We guarantee that your artificial turf will provide a safe and beautiful landscape that will last for years to come.

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