Rolling Putting Green Surfaces

May 26, 2021

Synthetic turf putting greens are created to simulate realistic play of a natural golf course green. Natural bent grass putting green surfaces are dense, tight, and need continuous maintenance to achieve smoothness and Stimpmeter speeds. Owners of synthetic turf putting greens have this notion that since the surface is synthetic, there will be little to no maintenance. This is not true. Seasonal maintenance is crucial for a synthetic turf putting green. The synthetic fibers of the putting green’s surface never stays the same as the first day you place it. Continuous foot traffic alone can cause dips and valleys where repetitive putts are made. Fibers flip up due to friction and dragging of the feet or shoes. Areas around the cups start to become uneven and slow. When issues like these arise, you will need to inspect the infill depths and roll the entire surface. This month, Ask JW will explain the importance of rolling putting greens during the initial installation and after, as necessary seasonal maintenance.


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