Start Your Summer Off With an Artificial Turf Pool Deck!

June 14, 2018

Summer is just around the corner, and many residents with pools are wondering how they can incorporate artificial turf with their backyard landscapes. Take the time to relax and enjoy the splendors of summertime with a new artificial turf pool deck!

Surrounding pools with artificial turf creates a low maintenance, durable and convenient landscape alternative while providing a safe environment. Slippery decks are a big concern for most households, especially those that include children. Synthetic grass allows residents and parents to feel safe when their little ones are running around by the pool.

Two popular artificial grass options many homeowners use include the Everglade Series, as well as The Diamond Series.  Everglade Fescue provides deep, beautiful greens that contrast well with blue pools, and offers a 60 oz face weight, perfect for aesthetic flair without the need for something heavy.  Diamond Pro Spring provides bright lime green color tones that compliment any pool, while offering a 75 ounce face weight that is perfect for all foot traffic levels.

Apart from being a safer solution, artificial turf is capable of draining and keeps your pool cleaner from dirt or debris that would eventually end up in your filtration system. Artificial turf requires little to no maintenance and will allow you to enjoy your days by the pool without the worry of wet decks that could potentially be hazardous.

All of our products are non-toxic and lead free, making it a safe and eco-friendly landscape alternative!

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