Stop Beating Up Your Seams

January 27, 2022

“Stop beating up your seams!”

This is what I say to installers when they send me images of ugly seams. Most visible seams are due to abrasion and premature matting. When the installer’s heavy weight is continuously trampling the center of the seamline (center of the seam), UV Sunlight will call you out within minutes. Understanding why synthetic turf seams become visible is crucial for consistency and being a craftsman in the industry. We’re here to educate the frontline on why bending, mashing, and trampling the fibers may cause a complete “tear-out.” This month, ASK JW will explain why most seams are visible and how to prevent this issue.

Remember this: “When you manipulate, scratch, and/or matt synthetic turf fibers, UV light will reflect differently than the blades that are not.”

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