Why Your Kids Will Love Artificial Grass!

May 26, 2020

With the kids at home all spring and summer long, having an outdoor landscaping solution that encourages more play time is every parent’s saving grace. Letting your little ones get their energy out in a way that they enjoy and that’s safe for them is the best of both worlds. With artificial grass products from Synthetic Grass Warehouse, your kids can enjoy outdoor fun all summer long while you enjoy peace of mind.

More Ways to Play
The versatility and durability of our artificial grass play area systems mean that the possibilities for outdoor activities are virtually endless. From backyard jungle gyms to mini golf and ball sports, any activity can be performed on artificial grass. Our play area turf is IPEMA-certified and installed with a foam underlayer for added protection against impact falls and injuries. The ultra-soft finish of our turf also prevents scrapes and scratches, and grass stains are a worry of the past. No matter what adventures your kids want to go on today, artificial grass can handle it all while staying lush and evergreen.

More Time to Play
Did the last of spring’s downpours arrive last night? Is there still a morning frost across your lawn? With synthetic grass, nothing will stop your kids from enjoying the great outdoors. Our turf comes with incredible drainage rates that ensure your lawn will be dry and safe for kids to play on just hours after the rain stops. The ultra-efficient drainage also keeps water from pooling on the surface of the grass the way it would with a natural grass lawn, which in turn prevents the development of harmful microorganisms such as mold or mildew. There’s never any mud to contend with, either, so you don’t have to worry about your kids tracking messes through the house if they go play. No matter what time of day, time of year, or weather forecast, your kids can enjoy playing in the backyard while staying safe, healthy, and clean!

If you’re looking for a landscaping solution that will make both you and your kids happy, there’s no better choice than Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s artificial turf products. It’s safe for kids, beautiful to look at, and easy to maintain. With more than 40 products to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find an option that will please the whole family.

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