Malibu Series

Malibu Fescue Pro

  • Features a natural and lush colorway for an evergreen lawn year-round.
  • Ideal for heavy foot traffic areas.
  • Backed by our industry-leading 15-year warranty*.

General Features:

Traffic Level

Heavy Traffic


Commercial, Landscape

Blade Colors

Field Green / Olive Green

Product Description

Enjoy an evergreen lawn, without the maintenance and water costs with Malibu Fescue Pro! Malibu Fescue Pro is an optimum synthetic turf solution for any household or commercial project, as it brings all of the aesthetic of real grass, without any of the dirt or mud. Everlast Malibu Fescue Pro features a lush blend of field green and olive green blade shades with a green and tan thatch. These dual-blade tones showcase a realistic look that rivals the appearance of natural grass. Malibu Fescue features a 1.875” pile height and a face weight of approximately 90 ounces, making it the perfect landscaping solution for properties with heavy foot traffic. Each blade is also created with a U.V. inhibitor during the manufacturing process, so your lush green grass will never fade, no matter how much sunlight it’s exposed to. A uniquely-formulated polyurethane coated backing supports greater seam strength and durability than other artificial grass products, so you can enjoy your artificial grass lawn for years to come. Guaranteed by our 15-year warranty*, Malibu Fescue Pro is the perfect synthetic turf soluition for any installation!

Product Highlights

Product Specifications

Yarn Characteristics
Type: Monofilament PE with Thatch
Composition/Structure: Polyethylene
Denier: 10,800 / 4,000
Colors: Field Green / Olive Green
Turf Characteristics
Pile/Face Weight: Approx. 90 Ounces
Pile Height: Approx. 1.875 Inches
Machine Gauge: 3/8 inch
Thatch Color: Tan & Green
Manufactured Rolls
Width: 15 Feet
Length: 100 Feet
Shipping Weight: 1,100 Pounds*
Roll Diameter: 24 Inches
Total Product Weight: Approx. 117 Ounces Per Square Yard
Backing Characteristics
Primary Backing: 1
Composition/Structure: 13 PIC 15 PIC
Weight: 3.5 Ounces Per Square Yard
Finish Coating: Polyurethane 20 Ounces Per Square Yard*
Tuft Bind: 10+ Pounds
Particulate Infill
Type: Quality Infill
Weight: 1.5 - 2.5 Pounds Per Square Foot*
Height: Approx. 0.5 - 0.75 Inches
Colors: Green, Black, or Natural
Additional Information
Recommended Maintenance:
Rinse and groom as needed to limit matting
Drainage Rate:
30+ inches of rain per hour per square yard

*Approximate Weight