Water Conservation

Conserving freshwater resources is more critical now than ever. Updating your landscaping with more eco-friendly materials is one of the best ways to reduce water usage and improve your environmental impact.

Artificial turf lawns help homeowners conserve water. By replacing your natural grass lawn with synthetic turf, you can drastically improve your carbon footprint and turn your home into one of the greenest on the block.

Residential Water Use

The average American will use between 100 and 175 gallons of water daily. Fifty-four percent of all residential water usage is on landscaping maintenance; that’s more than dishes, laundry, showering and faucet use combined. That means installing an artificial turf lawn will cut your water use by more than half.

Why Water Conservation is Crucial

Reducing your water usage has a far more significant impact than just reducing your monthly bill. By conserving water, you’ll help protect one of the most valuable and limited resources globally.

Access to fresh drinking water is essential for human health – from bathing to agriculture, the world needs water to operate. Especially in drought-impacted areas, artificial turf installation helps ensure that this limited resource is available for essential purposes.

Save Money by Saving Water

Water use costs money. Many of us make conscious efforts to reduce our consumption – we turn off the water while we brush our teeth, fix leaky faucets and take shorter showers.

These are all great practices – however, making swaps like replacing your natural grass with artificial turf will save you thousands of gallons of water without even trying.

At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, we’re proud to be the nation’s no. 1 supplier of sustainable landscaping solutions. With an unmatched selection of quality artificial turf, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for every project. Whether you’re installing a simple residential lawn or a sprawling commercial landscape, Synthetic Grass Warehouse is your go-to destination for cost-effective, eco-friendly landscaping.

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